Tuesday, November 17th 2020

Early Details on Sitecore AI Auto Personalization

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The 2019 Sitecore Symposium conference was a great event. Sitecore AI was announced with the feature of auto personalization. This launched in December of 2019. I was able to find more details on the availability and approach to utilize this new feature.

Here are the key points:

  1. General Sitecore AI Marketing information on sitecore.com.
  2. Customers will need to work with a Sitecore sales representative to purchase Sitecore AI as an additional add on or negotiate into new licensing.
  3. Sitecore AI is a SaaS/Cloud offering, so it will play nicely with Sitecore deployments in a cloud environment (Azure, Sitecore Managed Cloud, AWS).
  4. AI and ML need a certain level of data or site traffic to work properly. It has to build segments and behavior information in order to start the personalization journey. Smaller scale sites may not be able to take advantage of this feature depending on the use case.
  5. An implementation will include collaboration with data scientists to understand the website from an industry/customer/product standpoint to model and tune the AI/ML.
  6. Techincal implementation would include installation and configuration of Sitecore AI, it currently isn't a Module you can plug and play like some of the existing connectors.
  7. Since Sitecore AI will require cloud services it likely makes sense in a subscription licensing model
  8. Keep in mind that Sitecore AI is different than Sitecore Cortex. Cortex is more of the "Bring your own ML" model that allows you to integrate and extend the platform.
  9. The benefits of Sitecore AI are really exciting (Increased ROI on content investments, Increased productivity of Marketing, Deeper insights on customer behavior, and the ability to scale personalization).

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