Tuesday, November 29th 2022

Gratitude and Remembering My Coveo Journey

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I'm taking time over the Thanksgiving holiday to review my Coveo journey. I'm really grateful that I'm working in the Enterprise Search space again at work. It is funny how things come full circle. It all started back in 2017 when I signed up for Coveo for Sitecore training. It was a great time. Coveo just remodeled their offices, and I met some amazing people from Coveo and the Sitecore community.

Here is a quick timeline on my history with Coveo:

  • Coveo Training in Coveo Québec Office. What a great experience. I was trained by Jean-François L'Heureux (Jeff) one of the godfathers of Coveo for Sitecore who now works for Sitecore. It was also great to meet other Sitecore MVPs as well as Coveo leadership like Simon Langevin.
  • My first Coveo project was on Stout.com. It was a fun project coming out of training. We had a very custom visual design and really pushed the limits on UI with mobile and facets with multi-level hierarchy.
  • I worked on a few projects in between, but the next big one was MetroHealth.org. This was a complex Coveo project leveraging search for providers, locations, and services. I really learned a lot about UI, performance, and tuning.
  • The next big one was IMF.org. This was a very large-scale project with a huge index and a lot of processing and external sources. It started out as a quick replacement for google search appliance but has matured over the years.
  • After a few other projects I helped UPMC with their Coveo search to replace the provider search.
  • I worked on a very long Sitecore project for the State of Michigan and we are currently in a Discovery phase for a Coveo Implementation to replace IBM Watson Explorer.
  • At Rightpoint I've held a few different leadership roles. Here at the end of 2022, I am now the Director of Enterprise Search Solutions focused on helping customers build great search experiences. This new role allows me to work much more closely and focused on search where we can leverage the power of platforms like Coveo. It has been great staying in touch over the years with the Coveo team and connecting at Sitecore conferences and in different opportunities. It is just great to really enjoy search and work with such a great team. More to come here in 2022 and beyond!

One final plug here for Coveo is on training. Coveo has a great training platform called Level Up. They have hundreds of courses that are very organize and easy to consume. You can also choose from over 12 skills paths that bundle courses together to build expertise in a certain area. Cap it all off with certification exams and you are on your way to really understanding and getting the most out of the Coveo platform.