Monday, July 10th 2023

Knowledge AI Call Center Solution

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Call Center Staff Can’t Help Customers If They Can’t Find Key Data

The challenge for many banking institution's employees is not just finding the proverbial needle in the data haystack, but finding the right haystack. Call centers are a key function that needs help, but banks and credit unions need to improve their internal search capabilities overall. Hours spent just finding information result in frustrated customers and lost accounts.

Let’s say people call your bank or credit union for information or with key requests that hinge on data. How quickly can call center employees find that data? For that matter, is their search always successful?

If your organization is typical, employees waste an average of three hours daily per person searching for data, according to Coveo‘s 2023 Workplace Relevance Report. As the systems used by banking institutions expand, there are more and more places where data can be hiding.

Time spent searching for necessary data is time not spent solving customer problems. That creates stress among both employees and customers. As banks and credit unions work to improve their employee experience and their customer experience, optimizing their employees’ ability to search across the entire organization should be a top priority. This is called “enterprise search.”

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